Malaysia is a land of  hidden charms and allure that you will definitely find hard to resist. Prepare yourself for a journey through this country’s string of wonders spread across a combination of fascinating landscapes that is assured to amaze anyone that steps onto this promising land.

Separated into 2 distinct parts (Peninsula Malaysia and East Malaysia) over 13 states, we’ll take you on an adventure to uncover the secrets behind cosmopolitan cities, diverse cultures and people to stunning natural beauty from tranquil highland retreats all the way down to pristine beaches and islands. Experience the length and breadth of luxury and adventure with the boundless possibilities of Malaysia!

Malaysia Moments
Kuala Lumpur
The appeal of this nation’s capital city cannot be denied! Be immediately struck by South-east Asia’s tallest building stamping its mark on the iconic Kuala Lumpur city skyline that will be vividly edged in the back of your mind. A mesmerizing blend of old and new, the city’s dynamism is reflected within its offerings, stroll through cultural enclaves, take in historical sites and landmarks that dot the city centre and enjoy yourself amongst modern day attractions. Take a short drive out of town and uncover the calmness of the city’s countryside or immerse in the thrills and excitement of famous theme parks amidst unique backdrops. Malaysia’s second capital city is also worth a visit. There is bound to be something that will suit your travel needs and desires. 
Mystical myths and legends weave through this cluster of 99 unspoilt, secluded and uninhabited islands that make up the internationally renowned resort destination of Langkawi. Admist South-East Asia’s first UNESCO Global Geopark, immerse yourself in the abundance of ecology on land and on water and engage in the many thrilling water activities across the island. If the adventurous life isn’t your cup of tea, choose to spend your time relaxing on one of Langkawi’s stunning beaches or wandering through their laid back main township. Guaranteed an irresistible experience that will sooth and calm your soul!  
Location: Kedah, Northern State of Malaysia  

The old world charm and deep rooted history that earned this state’s capital city Georgetown its status as one of UNESCO internationally recognized World Heritage Sites is testament of the appeal of Malaysia’s only island state. As quoted from UNESCO, be prepared to explore one of the most “complete surviving city centres on the Straits of Malacca” that “holds unique architectural and cultural townscape without parallel anywhere in East and Southeast Asia.” Together with its mouth watering culinary mix, stretch of beaches and major attractions across the island, be prepared for a multisensory experience that lives up to its name as “The Pearl of The Orient”.
Location: Off the North Western Coast of Peninsula Malaysia just before Langkawi.  
Melaka’s historical wealth of treasures is a vivid testimony of its ever colourful and glorious colonial past; as the only state and city in Malaysia to be ruled by 3 different colonial powers. Every step you take within this small and compact city reveals enchanting stories and remnants of a time long ago. Aptly, the city deserved its status as one of UNESCO World Heritage sites. Witness a city that strives to preserve culture and heritage as a tribute to the past as it moves to embrace the present and future.         
Location: A short drive south from Kuala Lumpur, on the south-western coast of Peninsula Malaysia.

The southern most state of Malaysia offers an exciting getaway from nearby Singapore; whether is it a relaxing value for money shopping trip within the city or a visit to its many natural sites. Opt for a short city tour, venture into fishing villages or an escape to the state’s island resorts as you while away your time amongst stunning nature backdrops.  
Location: Southern most tip of Peninsula Malaysia.

Cameron Highlands
Witness and partake in agricultural wonders and practices amongst clean, crisp and cool surroundings of this famous highland paradise. You’ll be impressed with its refreshing environment as you explore the surrounding flourishing flora and fauna amidst its unique charm equivalent of an English village and leave fulfilled with fresh treasures and knowledge that will be sure to enrich you personally.
Location: State of Pahang. A drive north from Kuala Lumpur. 1500 metres above sea level.
Island Hideaways (Eastern Coast)
Stunning beaches and crystal clear waters greet anyone who ventures off the east coast of the Peninsula into the many islands that line the stretch of the South China Sea. Here you learn the art of indulging in doing nothing while you enjoy the hospitality of the land and its people as you sip a glass of your cool drink along pristine stretches of sand. Engage in thrilling water sports and take in the mesmerizing and rich marine life around the area. Popular locations include: Pulau Tioman and Pulau Redang.
Location: Pulau Tioman – Located in Southern Malaysia just off the coast of Pahang.                                 Pulau Redang – Located in Northern Malaysia just off the coast of Terrengganu.

Unwind on the third largest island on Earth, where “the other side” of Malaysia can be found (East Malaysia). Here where the state of Sabah and Sarawak resides, you’ll be greeted by a part of the country that is renowned for its natural beauty and endless adventure opportunities; scale hills and mountains, traverse lush green rainforests, navigate the open seas and be in awe of the idyllic landscape. Yet amongst all these, delight yourself further by meeting the indigenous villages and keepers of the land and come in close contact with intriguing nature animals that will be sure to amaze you. Fulfill your fantasies and set out on an adventure as Borneo guarantees you a magical experience which will keep you coming back for more.
Location: Capital Cities of Kota Kinabalu (Sabah) is 2hr30mins and Kuching (Sarawak) is 1hr 50mins away from Kuala Lumpur by flight.  

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